We love cats and love nothing better than making a sick cat better or teaching people how to look after their cats better.  We spend a lot of time, effort and money ensuring we stay current with how to look after cats and look forward to imparting this knowledge to you.

Veterinary medical knowledge is constantly evolving (as is human medicine). 

Some ‘facts’ learned at University 10 years ago are no longer held to be true!

Looking after your cat properly means keeping up with the changes.

A continuing education scheme for veterinarians in New South Wales has only been introduced in the last two years and is currently not compulsory. At Paddington Cat Hospital, we are not only keeping abreast of changes but are helping contribute to the knowledge base by documenting and presenting new findings.

Additionally, Randolph Baral was invited in 2002 to be a consultant on the feline medicine board of VIN (Veterinary Information Network).  VIN is an internet resource with over 10,000 veterinarians worldwide as members. 


Dr Melissa Catt 
and Dr Randolph Baral 
were awarded the 2008 College Prize by the Australian College of Veterinary Science.  

This prestigious prize recognises veterinarians who have made outstanding practical contributions to veterinary science or practice in Australia or New Zealand, especially during the preceding 5 years, without the support of an academic environment. 


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Randolph’s role is to answer queries about feline medicine cases from these members.

“It is very satisfying to make just one cat better but through VIN and writing and presenting papers, I am able to help cats worldwide!” Randolph Baral