Melissa Catt BVSc MACVSc (feline) graduated from the University of Sydney in 1990, nominatively destined to become a cat veterinarian. She worked in Adelaide and the UK for a number of years before coming back to Sydney, where she and Randolph started Paddington Cat Hospital in 1997 (their first 'baby').

Melissa enjoys all aspects of veterinary practice, and has a particular liking for surgery.  Working with cats only is very rewarding as she has an affinity for this species, and it is a relatively new area of research and information. She has owned cats since a child, and currently shares her life with Pushkin, Jake and Peg (as well as 4 goldfish). 

Her other (human) children are Elizabeth and Amelia, who have inherited their love of animals, and cats in particular, from both their parents. In her rare spare time, Melissa loves to read, cook and attend ballet class.

Melissa is our media representative.  She answers question from the public in each issue of 'Urban Animal'  and has appeared on 'Creature Feature' and 'Playschool' on ABC television.

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Randolph Baral BVSc MACVSc (feline) graduated from the University of Sydney in 1991. In the first few years of his veterinary career, he worked part-time while pursuing a career as a professional triathlete. In 1997, he started Paddington Cat Hospital with his wife, Melissa Catt.

Randolph’s interests in feline practice focus on internal medicine and he achieved Membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists for feline medicine in 2001. Particular interest areas are the manifestations and causes of hypertension, diabetes mellitus (particularly transient diabetes) and lipid metabolism disorders as well as infectious diseases.

For the last four years, Randolph has been an official consultant on Feline Internal Medicine board of VIN (Veterinary Information Network) a worldwide internet group where veterinarians seek advice and discuss cases.

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Leah Puk BVSc (Hons) graduated from the University of Sydney in 2007.

She was first inspired to become a vet when she was six and had a neighbour's little dog lick her fingers. This obsession grew steadily and she started volunteering at clinics at the age of sixteen, and when she started vet school, she was over the moon. Things went from good to great when her life changed directions as a student, working as a kennelhand at a clinic, where she found herself getting increasingly attracted to cats.

Upon graduation, she started out as a dog and cat veterinarian, where she enjoyed seeing kittens, puppies, birds, pocket pets and other types of wildlife. These days, she still holds an interest in a wide range of animals, but delights in seeing various fluffy cats at work. 

She is now the proud owner of a small apartment, several pairs of cat earrings and a boyfriend. In turn, she is owned by her gorgeous ginger DMH boy, who thinks that it's his right to be fed every 30 minutes, even if food doesn't materialise.

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Anita Comyn BVSc (hons) graduated from the University of Queensland in 1999. She started work in a large mixed practice in the Hunter Valley. After two and a half years, the prospect of more midnight calvings lost its allure so she headed to England for 2 years. She travelled through a lot of Europe and worked in a number of small animal practices in London, Leeds and Basingstoke. She even met one of the Queens Corgis in Windsor!

Anita returned home to Sydney where she worked with dogs and cats in the Inner West for a few years before following her heart to feline practice.  She commenced at Paddington Cat Hospital in March 2007

Anita and her husband have three fur children: “Oscar”, “Calvin” and “Jake”, all moggies of around 8 years of age, with very different personalities. She is kept fairly busy treating their urinary issues, inflammatory bowel disease and aggression.

has just completed a Post Graduate course in Feline medicine with the University of Sydney and is now studying towards Memebrship of the Australian College for feline medicine. Anita enjoys travelling, adventure sports and yoga.

Anita had a beautiful boy, Benjamin, in June 2008 and is currently working intermittently around motherhood.

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Stephanie – Nurse -   Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, Steph wanted to work with animals before she even started school.
She started out volunteering at the RSPCA on the weekends during high school and working in veterinary clinics as a nurse since she was 18.

Steph had her fair share of pets growing up, including cats, dogs, fish, ferrets and chickens, but is loving being able to tend exclusively to the needs of cats.

She is currently being bossed around by her well travelled kitty, Tigerlily, who is also enjoying the change in scenery and weather in New South Wales.

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Helen - Nurse -  is owned by her three cats: Urga, a 7 year old male blue point Himalayan; May, a 2 year old Female naughty tortie; and Cheeky Teddy, a 10 month old male tabby whom she adopted from the Cat Adoption program run by Paddington Cat Hospital.

After more than 10 years in the retail industry, Helen decided that Veterinary Nursing was for her and completed  her Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV course in 2005.

In her spare time Helen enjoys gardening and attending to her cats’ every whim and need. “It’s great working in a cat-only practice. Life is fantastic, I’m surrounded by cats at home and at work.”

Helen had a gorgeous boy, Alexander, in July 2008.

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Victoria – Nurse -   Paddington Cat Hospital’s first nurse, Victoria joined the hospital in December 1996. Working as a full time vet nurse for about 8 years, she left to pursue a different interest. However, she couldn’t stay away, and returned in 2007 to be a part time nurse.

Her life is currently being controlled by her two cats, Elsa and Theo Montgomery. Elsa is very independent and stays out of trouble, but Theo keeps Victoria busy with his various ailments.

In what little spare time she has, Victoria makes sure that the clinic cats are comfortable and sits in the sun with them.

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Gabriella – Nurse -   Gabby is currently completing her Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV and her Bachelor of Science (Biology) at the University of Sydney. She has always wanted to be a vet since a young age and is hoping to be accepted into Veterinary Science for 2015.

Gabby works weekends and ensures our boarding guests are clean, comfortable, well fed and entertained. She has a particular interest in behaviour and has a knack for calming our more temperamental patients.

At home, Gabby is loved by her family of 6 and her 14 year old ginger cat, Percy.

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Michael – Nurse -   Michael is currently studying Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney, and is embracing every opportunity to work with cats on weekends.
He is the proud owner of a little grey ball of fluff, Pepper, a stray kitten who he happily adopted just before joining the team at Paddington Cat Hospital.

Michael has always been passionate about all animals great and small, and says becoming a vet will be a dream come true.

Apart from work and study, Michael is an avid musician who loves to perform (lucky for the boarding cats!) and participate in equestrian sports such as show jumping and dressage.

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Sarah - Nurse - first started work in a veterinary clinic when she was 14 as a kennel hand. Since then she has completed her training at Unitec in Auckland, and worked in a practice in Auckland for eleven years. At her previous clinic they treated all sorts of animals, cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and even the odd sheep!

Sarah has moved to Sydney to be with her partner and is busily making Sydney her home!

She had three cats and a dog that now live with her mother in New Zealand as they don’t like to travel. A very special 18 year old called Smidgen, a gorgeous Siamese called Roger, a super Whippet named Wobble and a very naughty Oriental called Judas!! She is looking forward to finding some new pussycat friends to live with her here.

Sarah has a special interest in our older kitties, and loves to hear stories of their exploits!

In her spare time she loves to dance, go for walks, do yoga and read stories about…you guessed it, CATS!

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Roxanne - Nurse - has moved from New Zealand, where she was born and raised in a small country town, to work in London, and then to Sydney, incorporating her joy of travelling with her job.

Back in NZ, she finds friendly company in her two pet sheep, a horse, a rabbit and a golden retriever, aside from spending time with her family.

Here in Sydney, she feeds her craving for a cat by cuddling and petting all those that walk through the door of the clinic.

In her spare time, Roxy samples the delights of Sydney life by hitting the beach and horse riding in the Summer months, while huddling indoors for hot chocolate and shopping when the cold weather hits.

Roxanne is currently on extended leave and will be very missed here at the hospital by the staff, the clients and their kitties.
We are all hoping she will return to work in the next few months!

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