ANZCVS Science Week

July 6, 2012

One of our principal veterinarians, Dr. Randolph Baral, recently won a prize for his presentation at the prestigious Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists conference. Congratulations, Dr. Baral!

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The Cat

March 5, 2012

After two years of hard work, the textbook Dr Randolph Baral has been a major contributor (12 chapters!) to- 'The Cat - Clinical Medicine and Management' has finally been published and we have our very own copy!

As you can see, our resident cat, Jasper, is already studying hard. We will surely be making use of all the great references- helping us and our clients to better understand our patients' conditions.

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Paddington Cat Hospital features in SX Magazine

March 28, 2011

Domestic, shorthair, birman, Bengal, Siamese... Whatever your pet preference, it's all about cats. cats, cats at Paddington Cat Hospital.

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How old is your cat in 'human years'?

October 2010

An observant Paddington Cat Hospital client found this useful website to calculate cat's ages:

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We have just celebrated one year at our 'new' location on Oxford Street.

September 2010

Thanks to all our cats and their owners for your continued and enthusiastic patronage.

We hope you have enjoyed the difference.....we have!

A big thank you to all our wonderful staff for their hard work, dedication and love of cats.

Thanks also to Gaby from Gabrielle Gering Architecture, Nic and the team from Scene Construction, and Scott from ScottSIGN.

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September 2009

We are relocating the blue cat to new purpose built premises at the end of September.

We arenít going very far, just 2 blocks away to 210 Oxford Street, just near the Paddington Town Hall.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new hospital then; in the meantime it is 

Please feel free to ask us about it!



Our new Reception Area - (July '09)

Our new Reception Area 
- (Artist's impression)


Our new Treatment Room - (July '09)


Our new Treatment Room  
- (Artist's impression)

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Dr Melissa Catt and Dr Randolph Baral were awarded the 2008 College Prize by the Australian College of Veterinary Science. 

This organisation oversees specialist qualification examinations in Australia. 

This prestigious prize recognises veterinarians who have made outstanding practical contributions to veterinary science or practice in Australia or New Zealand, especially during the preceding 5 years, without the support of an academic environment. 

It is not awarded every year!

Link to ACVS Web Site

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One of our clients is so loyal that she recently had the Paddington Cat Hospital logo tattooed! 

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