Mischa demonstrates the importance of annual health checks

At Mischa's first annual health check, we recognized enlarged kidneys, 2-3 times as big as normal.



Cookie has Asthma

Cookie was initially brought in for persistent coughing and weight loss. She was diagnosed with feline asthma and is now being treated with daily use of a 'puffer'.



Princess iCat's Intestinal Obstruction

Princess iCat presented with a drop in her appetite, vomiting and a previous history of having eaten ribbon before, all these were signs of intestinal obstruction.



The first 8 years of Kitten's life were uneventful, but he sure made up for it in his ninth year!

Kitten's problems began one morning when he started dragging one of his hind legs. On examination, we found no pulse for that leg, and the toes felt cold and he had lost considerable weight (despite an increased appetite until that morning); when we listened with a stethoscope, his heart sounded louder and faster.




Stanley with FIP

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a disease that is almost always fatal.

It is really nice that we can tell about a treatment success of this serious condition.





Weight Watchers Successes!

Being overweight can contribute to various diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and lower urinary tract signs.



Challie fractured BOTH of his elbows!

Meet Challie, who was only ten months old when he came to us for lameness on both front legs. 

He wasn't taking any weight on these legs and had an odd kangaroo-like (or meer-cat!) stance.