Weight Watchers Successes!

Being overweight can contribute to various diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and lower urinary tract signs.

Dieting cats takes commitment to measure out your cat's food intake and have dedicated exercise times but it can be done!!

We are very proud of our slimmers and their carers.  Here are a few example:








Fatso (hold mouse over image)

from 11.43kg to 9.69kg in 3 months







Sekhmet went from 6.01kg to 5.12kg in just 10 weeks.  Her owners report she is much happier!



Puss was diabetic when overweight at 6.85kg (above) but has been in diabetic remission since losing weight to 5.81kg (right).





Newton (left) found that it is easier to defy the laws of gravity after he went from 9.84kg to 7.87kg over 6 months.

Hold your mouse over his image to see the difference!


Other Case Studies