Stanley with FIP

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a disease that is almost always fatal.

It is really nice that we can tell about a treatment success of this serious condition.

Stanley, a handsome Persian, was off colour and off food and had a fever when he first presented.

His diagnosis of FIP (see more detail here), was reached after biopsy samples were taken during surgery, when it was obvious that he had a lot of fluid in his belly, and multiple little lumps (granulomas) were found along the length of the intestine. While there is currently no known cure for FIP, Japanese researchers formulated a treatment plan (involving a series of injections and tablets) a few years ago to lengthen the life span and quality of life of cats with FIP.

Unfortunately, not all cats respond to this treatment but it is working for Stanley!

He is still receiving regular injections and enjoying his new lease on life.

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