Princess iCat

Princess iCat presented with a drop in her appetite, vomiting and a previous history of having eaten ribbon before, all these were signs of intestinal obstruction.

She was uncomfortable when touched and appeared to be dehydrated as well. She was hospitalised and blood work, as well as ultrasonography, were performed, during which a small area of suspicion was found on the ultrasound.
Surgery was performed and thread was found within her intestines.

The trouble was that she also had pancreatitis (inflammation of the organ that contains digestive enzymes).
Cats with pancreatitis can have the same signs as those with a foreign body (off food, with or without a painful belly and vomiting).

Princess iCatís pancreatitis meant that she had a longer recovery from the surgery to remove the thread. After she went home, her calcium level rose (probably as a result of the healing processes) and this ALSO put her off food!

Further time in hospital on a drip and supportive therapy enabled her to get over this bump and she has been well since.

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