Cookie has Asthma

Cookie was initially brought in for persistent coughing and weight loss.

Using chest x-rays, blood work and most importantly, a bronchioalveolar lavage, which involves placing saline into her airways and drawing it back to get a sample of the cells for analysis at the lab, Cookie was diagnosed with feline asthma.

The bronchioalveolar lavage results showed that she had an elevation of Ďallergicí cells, which fit the clinical picture.

Cookie was started on oral medication initially, then placed on a daily puffer.
One puff goes into the chamber which has valves that hold the medication. Eight to ten breaths are taken by the cat through a special mask attached to the chamber.

She is breathing really well on her puffer and not coughing. Not only that, she is eating better and gaining weight, too!

Some cats have even been known to get excited when they hear the click of the puffer and come running for their medication!

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