Challie fractured BOTH of his elbows!


Meet Challie, who was only ten months old when he came to us for lameness on both front legs.  He wasn't taking any weight on these legs and had an odd kangaroo-like (or meer-cat!) stance.


Radiographs ('x-rays') showed he had  fractured both of his elbows on the tips.  Unfortunately, this is where the triceps muscle attaches, and meant he literally could not straighten his front legs out at all, or take any weight on them!





If you look at the xray on the left, the piece of bone that looks like it's floating by itself should be attached to the top of the radius (to the left and just below).


He required surgery, involving having pins inserted in both of his elbows to place the tips back on.


If you hold your mouse over the pictures of the radiographs, you will see how they looked after surgical repair.



Challie has done very well since surgery, with no signs of further lameness. 


We will need to look out for arthritis in these joints as he gets older, as any prior joint injury will predispose to degenerative joint disease with time.

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