•  Keep your cat in a warm sheltered spot for the first 24 hours with a litter tray, food and water within easy reach.

•  Offer only a small amount of food when she first comes home- she may not feel like eating much while not fully recovered from the anaesthetic. It is best to offer something she is used to that is not too rich, eg. Iams Kitten food.

•  On rare occasions, it may take as long as a day or two before full recovery from general anaesthetic; if she seems to take any longer than this, please give the surgery a phone call.

•  Don’t allow your cat outside until the stitches have been removed. Suture removal takes place 10 days after surgery. Please call Paddington Cat Hospital to make an appointment.

•  If the wound seems swollen, red or infected or if your cat seems unwell, please contact us.

•  Don’t bathe her while the stitches are in.

•  If she starts to bite at the stitches, she may need to wear a special collar to prevent her from getting to them. Please call us. Please note that licking the stitches is normal and usually doesn’t cause problems.

• If you have any other questions please feel free to phone us for advice!



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