Keep your cat in a warm spot indoors for the first 24 hours with a litter tray, water and food within easy reach.

  Offer your cat only a small amount of soft food when first home- they may not feel like eating much while not fully recovered from the anaesthetic. It is best to offer something your cat is used to that is not too rich.

  It sometimes takes a day or two before full recovery from the general anaesthetic; if your cat seems to take any longer than this please give the surgery a phone call.

  For the first few days your cat may only feel like eating soft food especially if any teeth have been removed. However if dry food is a particular favourite, have some available for when they feel ready for it.

  Antibiotics are usually dispensed after a dental. It is very important that you give any medications as directed until finished. If you have any problems in giving medication to your cat, please give us a call immediately

  If you have any other questions please feel free to phone us for advice!



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