Our VIN Colleagues

Randolph Baral was invited in 2002 to be a consultant on the feline medicine board of VIN (Veterinary Information Network).  VIN provides easy and fast access to the most complete, up-

to-date database of veterinary information, and the largest team of specialists dedicated to helping colleagues online. Our patients and clients benefit from our participation in the largest veterinary medical practice in the world. Our VIN colleagues include:

Geoffrey Adams,
   Pasco Animal Hospital New Port Richey, Florida 

Josephine M. Banyard,
   Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic Chilliwack 

Lisa Bennett,
   Beaver Lake Animal Hospital Sammamish Plateau, Washington 

Craig Blair,
   Clays Mill Veterinary Clinic Lexington, Kentucky 

David Dolan,
   Companion Animal Hospital Spring, Texas 

Ray Emerson,
   Emerson Animal Hospital Waco, Texas 

Ronald Gladstone,
   Cobb Central Animal Hospital Marietta, Georgia 

David Landers
   DFW Aquatic Health Services Dallas Fort Worth

Richard McAroy,
   Lowell Road Veterinary Center Hudson, New Hampshire 

Rebecca Meyers,
   Roxboro Animal Hospital Roxboro, North Carolina 

Michael New,
   Juneau Veterinary Hospital Juneau, Alaska 

Joseph Prichard,
Deb Link,
   Ellington Center Animal Clinic Ellington, Connecticut 

Walter Britt Schaffeld
   Animal Medical Center Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

Norm Stillman,
   Court Street Animal Hospital Plymouth, Maine 

Cathy Wilkie,
   Animal Medical Hospital West Vancouver 

Mark Zimmerman,
   Crosstown Animal Hospital Stockton, California 

Steve Zucker,
   Morgantown Animal Medical Center Morgantown, West Virginia